Arcing Light Energy


Arcing Light Energy: 15-30 minute session can be added to any massage or done alone 45 – 60 minutes

Arcing Light Energy work is a high vibrational loving, nurturing energy that is powerful yet gentle and is beneficial in recharging and balancing energy fields promoting calmness as well as a feeling of wellness and wholeness.  Arcing Light Energy uses a dimensional overlay to bring light energy through the healers hands, & modifies cellular energy with radial light to create a healthy, natural state.  It releases the body of anxiety and toxins that build up density and create dis-ease (stress).

Arcing Light Energy works on all conditions of emotions relating to fear, confusion, stress, and other problems connected with the deeper psyche.  It works on the inner root core and corrects the movement of the cells energy to become perfectly balanced and flowing; bridges the mind – body – spirit connection, integrating the energies of all three; can override energy imbalances or blocks thus relieving symptoms typical of stress and illness; and also provides co-radial and co-axle energies that work on mobility problems (hips, knees, ankles, joints) and all types of head, back and neck problems.

Get clarity regarding a situation happening in your life, a relationship, or your life purpose
Release anxiety, worry, fear, doubt
Open and unleash your creativity
Unlock your potential – athletes, performers, writers
Get connected to your inner/higher self
Quiet your mind

Each person has their own experience

Arcing Light Energy work is incorporated into the end of the Qi Atsu session.  It can be added to any session or you can receive a specific session of just Arcing Light Energy work.

Healing energies are coming through in all of Ann’s work which is one component that sets her work apart from others.