Massage Los Angeles


Massage Los Angeles

What do countless professional athletes, rock stars, pop stars and celebrities all have in common? They come to Ann Myers of Massage Los Angeles for the absolute best massage in Los Angeles!

Even if you’re not a celebrity, you can get therapy at:
Your home, office, hotel, studio, on-set, concert venue, or on tour;
Chair massage for corporate events, parties, fundraisers; or set up a
Massage party and get a table or chair massage at your birthday, bachelorette party, mother’s day, friends day, open house, etc.

Massage Los Angeles offers the following types of therapy:

The Specialist Massage

Concentrated, detailed massage techniques designed to alleviate tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, neck/back/hip/knee/or leg pain, headaches, TMJ, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, recover from injury, increase mobility, etc. Go home feeling like a new person. (60 – 90 minutes)

The Mixer Massage

For those who want a full body relaxing massage along with an area of tension/stress they want worked out. Swedish relaxing massage will be combined with deep tissue to work out the tension, relax and rejuvenate you. (90 – 120 minutes)

Sports Massage

Various massage techniques, range of motion and stretching when needed used to keep the athlete’s body at it’s optimal performance.  Sports massage can help you maintain your elite performance level, help you recover from a game, workout session, or injury, improve performance, speed, strength & agility, keep you on the court/field/stage longer, and help you move with greater ease and confidence. (60 – 120 minutes)

Ultimate Bliss Massage

A combination of Arcing Light Energy and massage that will relax, rejuvenate, and transform you by helping to raise your vibration, release limiting beliefs and negative energy, calm your mind, body and spirit so you can leave the stress of life behind and feel like you are in another world totally relaxed and in a state of bliss. (2 – 3 hours)

Swedish Bliss Massage

Escape the stress of everyday life with this pure Swedish relaxation massage. Journey off to another realm as you let go and your body relaxes. A great time to add Arcing Light Energy work to your session as well. (1 – 2 hours)

Qi Atsu: 60 minutes

A one hour non-invasive, gentle acupressure treatment which balances the body mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically and provides a sense of deep relaxation. Qi Atsu utilizes the master power points of the body to achieve Power Balancing(TM) for Vitality(TM). It helps to:

Increase vitality
Improve immune system
Increase strength & flexibility
Decrease aches & pains
Increase circulation
Promotes good digestion
Stimulate rejuvenation
Balance yin & yang
Increase perception & awareness
Clear the mind
Soothe the spirit & relieve stress