d“I had a small tear in my rotor cuff. My doctor sent me to physical therapy and after several months of treatments they told me not to come back anymore. They said I was worse than when I started and that they couldn’t do anything for me. I was still in constant pain and had trouble raising my arm. Annie worked on my arm for several sessions. She worked all the kinks out. Pain was gone and I regained complete mobility of the arm. She’s a great help to me and I miss her. Thanks loads, Ann.”
-Hazel Linton, Minneapolis, MN
d“I first met Ann when I called her in to do a massage for an NBA player. He gave her such a rave review that I called her for many of our returning business clients as well as many of the visiting NBA and MLB players. Ann became the most requested therapist of our guests. Therefore, I decided to try her myself. I was hooked after one session as Ann was able to work out my trouble spots and make me feel great. Ann’s positive energy is a quality that adds to her skill as a phenomenal massage therapist. We miss her here in Minneapolis.”
-Julene Anderson, Concierge, Minneapolis Radisson Plaza Hotel

d“I first went to Ann by referral from another therapist because my entire body was in pain and I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t even go to a shopping mall with my sister because I couldn’t walk around for more than 5 minutes at a time. Together, we decided that the S.I. work would be the most beneficial for me. After only the 2nd session my family noticed I was standing taller and more erect. After the 3rd session 80% of my pain was gone. After the 9th session when I went to see my chiropractor, she told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing because I was straight and had never been before. I feel great, am able to shop with my sister, and have much more energy than before. Ann is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone.”
-Sandy Peterson, Accountant

Darby Hendrickson

“I’ve been very fortunate to come in contact with Ann Myers. Her experience, qualifications, and ability put her in a class by herself.”
-Darby Hendrickson

“Getting a massage from Ann is an amazing, transcendental experience. She’s a true healer! I’ve already recommended Ann to all my closest friends, family and best clients as the best body worker out there!”
-Shellylyn Brandler